Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Am A Stalker

Well. It just happened. I stalked a person. Who on earth didn't stalk?? Oh, actually it's not 'stalking' but cyber stalking. Haha i just learned this on Oral Comm. class. A group made a campaign, 'Stop Stalking, Guys' and Athirah asked me to help her. So she told me to be a stalker (or to act as a stalker). Well, she chose a right person. muahaha. I don't know that she wanted me to stalk a girl, she gave me a choice - Syaf or Suraiya.. I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHY I HAVE TO STALK A GIRL so I don't have a logic answer when they asked me WHY I stalked Syaf. I guess I gave a bad reason and I feel bad :| Okay, forget it. However, between Syaf and Suraiya - I chose Syaf because of her room is nearer. So it'll become easy to stalk a person who is nearer, I guess. Sorry Syaf.

Okay. From that class, I learned that STALKING can be really really really threatening to the person who have been stalked or who is currently being stalked. (Ape sebenarnya aku nak cakap ni?) Easy said, Stalking is bad but Cyber Stalking is okay. Huh?

Walau bagaimanapun, however, gimanapun;
Just to remind that YOU GUYS YOU GIRLS should beware - think carefully wisely smartly blablablaly before uploading/posting/tweeting/instagraming/pathing anything to the internet. yeah, there is someone who is stalking you. just, beware. 

Ohya, I want to share something. I'd be honoured if you watch this video. 

That's all for now. :D
Hey you, stop stalking me cuz now I can track my stalker HAHA.

With love,