Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good People

Have you watched the film 'Good People' that was released last September? If you haven't, yay kita gang! Oh don't get the wrong idea. I am not writing about the film, but I want to write a short post about good people I have encountered in my life. 

Thank you. Thank you for being such a kind person who is never hesitate a second to help those who in need. Thank you for being a huge inspiration for me to do good things to others as well. Thank you for never being tired of doing good deeds. And of course, I thank Allah for letting me know these kinds of people. Thank you Allah for giving me tons of chances to meet such warmhearted persons even though I feel like I don’t deserve them.

"...and do good; for Allah loveth those who do good." – al-Baqarah 195

A good attitude is a virus.  I don't know about you but I believe that not only smiles are contagious. Why? Well, I strongly have faith that if you do good to someone, he/she will be encouraged to do something good as well. Watch 'Kidness Boomerang' video below and you will understand what I'm talking about. Let's do good.

"It is that of which Allah gives good tidings to His servants who believe and do righteous deeds. Say, [O Muhammad], "I do not ask you for this message any payment [but] only good will through kinship." And whoever commits a good deed - We will increase for him good therein. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Appreciative." – as-Shuraa 23

Monday, July 27, 2015


It was a very hot day, indeed, to the point where I could feel the searing heat of sun down to my bones. It’s probably the hottest state in Malaysia – Perlis. 

I drove out from home to pick Asfi and Mira exactly at 8 in the morning. Then, we stopped at Bagan Serai for Awe and Huda. You must be wondering where were we heading to, right? So, one of our friends, Fitri, was having his commencement ceremony at UniMAP (Universiti Malaysia Perlis) and we don’t want to miss it so we took a three-hour (plus minus) journey from Perak to Perlis heheh

With Fitri and his parents

This is the one who graduated
Friday, July 24, 2015

Winter Break 2014: Seattle, Washington

Salam and hi! As you may notice, I wrote three posts regarding my winter trip to California and I wish to publish all my winter trip journeys before I get back to America in two weeks time. So, this is it - the final episode (eceh) of my journey to the west of America. Tadaaaaa~~

If you have no idea on what I'm talking (or writing) about, feel free to read these previous posts:

I'd like to make it short and I don't want to write too much about LA (since I am going to focus on Seattle anyway), so let me skip the photo parts hehehe (tak larat nak upload sobs mianhaeyo).

We went to Griffith Observatory to see how Los Angeles looks like in night time right after we left Santa Monica. For the next day, we went to Universal Studio Hollywood and I swear it was super duper fun and crazy!

Jaaaaan-- belanja satu gambar USH.

Okay, let's start the Seattle part wohoooooo!

Ha! Seattle is a city in Washington (state) and Washington is located in the northwest of USA and to the south of Canada. As it is located at northwest, Seattle is colder (and rainier) than California, but it is waaaaaay warmer than Iowa! It was winter but it was only raining and according to my friends snow is very rare in Seattle (well I don’t see snow at all when I visited). However, that’s a good thing tho, Seattle’s weather was totally awesome and cozy to the max! 

From left: Dila, Leeqa, Alia, Ami, Jua, me and Ain 

We were in Seattle for 3 days and 2 nights and I was really grateful to have Qila and Fadila as our hosts there. Thank you thank you kamsahamnida. On our first day (in Seattle), Qila and Fadila brought us for a tour around their campus - Washington-Seattle Uni. Washington-Seattle University was probably the most beautiful uni I’ve ever visited! heehehe sangat cantik sangat sangat 

Me in front of their library..wait until you see the interior part!!! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Syawal 1436H

Salam and good afternoon! Last Friday (July 17) was the first day of Syawal, which means the day for Muslims to celebrate eid. So, selamat hari raya everyone! and I want to take this opportunity to ask you you you and you for forgiveness for my wrongdoings and if I ever offended you in any ways. I am sorry.

So, how was my raya? Well, I don't have anything much to say. It was warm and fun to be home and to be with my family, but I find that raya has became less thrilling (hehe) than before. Now, I had to do the dishes and stuff, and it was so tiring but it's okay I managed to do it (flip hair).

The picture above is my big family on the second day of Syawal. We didn't have any decent pictures together on the first Syawal as there were lots (as in incredibly lots) of guests since right after the solat raya until midnight!!! 

See, my abah wasn't even in his baju melayu huhuhuhu

With my 18 y/o cousin, Ain.

From left: Umi, Ayah, me, Mek, and Ciksu.

Till next time,
Sunday, July 12, 2015

One Eyed Fish’s Love

Illustration by Hikari Shimoda

I want to live like a one-eyed fish. 
I want to love like a one-eyed fish.
A one-eyed fish, Bi-Mok, 
that had been attached to each other for its whole life 
to live like a two-eyed fish. 

I want to love like them. 
We had sufficient time. But, 
We just didn’t love each other enough for the time. 
I want to live the way a one-eyed fish lives. 
When it’s alone, 
the aloneness becomes noticeable. 
The one-eyed fish, Bi-Mok. 
I want to love like them for the sake of my life.

 — Ryu Shiva, 1996
from The Art of Emptiness
Thursday, July 9, 2015

Winter Break 2014: Los Angeles 2

Good eveningggg everybadayhhh huhuhu mari sambung the previous episode of LA. So, the next thing we did was basically touring around LA for the whole day. We went to the Hollywood Sign! It was really an unforgettable moment, at least, for me. 

Have you ever heard of Uber? It’s like a private taxi or car and it’s way cheaper than a normal taxi would cost. So we called for an uber car and we confirmed our location, which is the Hollywood sign. The driver just smiled and welcomed us to his car. I don’t really remember how long the drive took, BUT the driver wasn’t very sure on how to get to the Hollywood sign observatory place and he didn’t tell us (but ha! we knew it at the end)! so he drove us to, like, literally (i mean very close to), the Hollywood sign itself! Gila kau that’s a private area kot and then he left us at i-don’t-know-where-that-place-was, and we were at lost for at least 1 hour kot. We had to walk down that freaking hill by ourselves, without knowing where the freaking exit was atau kaki bukit ke apa. But, it’s okay, thanks to our hidden survival instinct we managed to find a way out while enjoying the scenery. 

This picture was taken while we were terpinga-pinga looking for someone we could ask for help (there was nobody there! Only cars and houses with cctvs and ‘No camera’ signs here and there, nak ketuk pintu bagi salam pun weolls takut) Ha kan tudung dah tersenget-benget tu hamek kau. 

As we walked down the hill there were few other tourists wandered around (idk if they were also sesat) and after a few moments a security car came out of nowhere, approaching the other tourist group and told them that we (tourists) shouldn’t be here and only residents are allowed to be in that private area, ha senak kau jah apa lagi we walked out of that ‘residential’ area (sape tah tinggal kat situ, sgt pedalaman) and just keep walking & keep following our instinct until we managed to get to the REAL observatory place (I assumed)

The assumed-as-sesat people at the back. 

The (assumed as) safe area.

Three happy young ladies sebab dah jumpa kawasan selamat. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Winter Break 2014: Los Angeles 1

The city of dreams, the city of angels, the city of opportunities – That is Los Angeles! Since we visited San Francisco, a trip to California wouldn’t be perfect without L.A. 

We (Jua, Ain, and I) departed from San Francisco around an hour (or so) past midnight and we arrived at L.A Union Station slightly before 7.30 am. I took the picture above during our way for a breakfast. During our stay (4 days & 3 nights) in L.A, we decided to rent a house from AirBNB and shared it with our friends (Dila, Ami, Leeqa, and Alia) who arrived a day later after us. The house was like super duper nice and comfortable and it’s not even pricey! It’s also very closed to Hollywood Walk of Fame in the bargain! So a day before they came, we rent a cute motel near by the Sunset Boulevard. In between morning and check-in time, which is 2 pm), we went around downtown L.A to see L.A’s city life. It was fun touring around the city as it reminded me of Kuala Lumpur for a moment (tetiba rindu Malaysia pulak time tu). 

After hopping on and off few buses, we checked into our (well, rented) motel and took a short nap (penat tau tak) and on the evening (around 4 pm) we went out to Hollywood Walk of Fame!!

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles 

Hollywood Walk of Fame during the day

Hollywood Walk of Fame during the night 

So we went to Hollywood Madame Tussauds and ‘met’ a few celebrities hehehe

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Winter Break 2014: San Francisco

Last winter break I went to California.. Heheh, it took me some times to write about it as there were a lot of things came up in the last few months. The real reason for this California trip was to attend an event held by MISG (Malaysian Islamic Study Group) in Oakland, San Francisco. Tapi, dah alang-alang menyeluk pekasam biarlah sampai ke pangkal lengan, ye dok?

So, I took a flight from Chicago along with Ain, my housemate. We had to walk in such a cold weather (it was winter) from Greyhound bus station to Union Station so that we could buy a ticket to Chicago O’hare Airport. It was so cold I swear.

After a few hours of flight, we finally arrived in San Francisco International Airport. Phew! The weather there was so warm and cozy – not too hot neither too cold – JUST FINE! We arrived waaaaay early in the morning (I think it was past midninght), so we had to wait until like 7.30 am to take Bart train line (lebih kurang macam LRT) to Oakland.

So, the next morning—
Since the event started in the evening, we went for a ‘walk’ around San Fran. We went to Civic Center, 16th St. Mission, and Powell St. Too bad I didn’t took so many pictures as I DIDN’T BRING ANY CAMERA! We just used iPhone camera and I was so unsatisfied I will never travel without camera ANYMORE.

And below is the view of Oakland City from our hotel’s window.

The event was very educating and informative tetapi we skipped a day as we went touring around San Fran hehehehe. 

We also went to Golden Gate Bridge, Uni of California Berkeley, Fisherman Wharf, and Downtown San Fran.