Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Silent Post: Arizona, USA

Good morning! (or good night, depends on your time zone) It's been a while since my last post ain't it? Okay, not really. Hu hu hu so today I want to finish off my winter break series since it's fall here and new winter season is coming after fall pretty soon so yeah. Before I start, I hope you already read the title of this post (I'm pretty sure you already did, didn't ya?) so in this post I will just put some pictures from Arizona with almost no text since I am now back to college life hence I don't have much time to write te-hee.

First, let me list out my previous post links regarding my 2016 winter break:

So after leaving Nevada we went straight to Arizona. It was night when we arrived at Arizona and the place was so creepy it was like so silent and looked so empty. What even worse is our hotel seemed empty as well, no one was in the hotel's lobby and we just picked up or keys that the hotel left in a mailbox outside the lobby. Never mind that, the next morning the place was back to life and it was like a total twist from the night before. 

The first place we went to was Horseshoe Bend. We were supposed to catch the sunrise there but too bad we were too late..... huhu

Horseshoe Bend

Then we went to the Grand Canyon

Pfttttt.... but look at the view in the back!!

Lower Antelope Canyon


So..... here is where my silent post ends. 
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  1. amazing pictures! thank you for sharing..

  2. amazing view! nak sangat ke Grand Canyon...tapi belum sampai seru lagi..hahahaha


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