Friday, August 5, 2016

I suck at choosing a good post title

Oh I wish I could have a wedding photoshoot here.... (Stanford Uni, California, USA)

Hi there, how are you doing today? Hah I bet no one really reads my blog but still, if you are reading this I hope you are doing just fine and great. Since I have the mood to write, I decided to write the sequel to my previous post.

So, let's get started! The next morning, after having a quick breakfast we started our long and tiresome journey to California. As I mentioned on the previous post, this is my second time visiting the East Coast so hello again Cali?! Forget that, this time was actually a lil bit different because I was road-tripping from Oregon and guess what? It took 11 freakin hours to get to California from Oregon. I didn't really mind but our driver for the whole trip, Zubair, had to put up with the exhaustion of the long drives tho. A big head up to Zubair, thank you! Oh I forgot to tell you that this time I traveled with Ain (my housemate), Laila, and her husband, Zubair.

Our lunch since mcD's meat and chicken are not halal and halal foods are expensive and this filet-o-fish was like $1 something? okay maybe $2

After an effin' long drive, we arrived at San Jose, California, where we stayed at our friend's place. That was pretty much for the day, penat tau jalan jauh. The next day, we went to Stanford University for a quick tour before visiting Fisherman's Wharf.

Hell yeah we could not explore the whole campus

A famous tourist spot here at Stanford

Hm no comment

One of the gates at Stanford 

After roaming  for some photos and quick readings of Stanford's history around campus (which I already forgot what I read) we made our next move to San Francisco ho ho ho (I have no idea why I put the ho ho ho but I feel like including it and I absolutely have no idea why I'm explaining this so ok bye).

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, CA.

The last time around I didn't get to ride the cable car at San Fran but I made it this time hehe. I think I have a video while riding the cable car, might as well include it in my winter break video if i were to make one. Thank god we didn't have to lineup in a long queue and we had to wait for only like 30 minutes roughly. 

San Fran at night

There were few places that we skipped due to the time constraint and short day time (it was winter kan so night was longer & the above picture was around 6/7pm) 

Big Sur, California

So the next day we went to California's Big Sur. The views were very captivating I almost drooled the whole time. Big Sur was like an amazing coast that I am very glad I went to. There is no words to describe how calming the breeze was, how beautiful the ocean and beaches were. I'll just leave you with the pictures but bear in mind that my photography skills is bad so the real places are like 1000 times more beautiful.

Didn't know how to pose a good pose hence the awkward pose

I literally felt like jumping into the sea, just look at the blue color oh i fell in love

People call the tree 'A Ghost Tree'. Can you spot a ghost hanging in there?

We stayed there enjoying the fascinating nature until the sun set and returned to our friend's place because our journey didn't end there, stay tuned for more~  (excuse my poor writing skills, my major is math tho ho ho ho)

To be continued...

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  1. Can't wait for your next post. Tell me everythinggg

    1. hehehe coming pretty soon :) thank u asfififififi

  2. birunya lauttt... tgk pic teluk tu tingat klip video west life if i let you go ;-)


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