Saturday, August 20, 2016

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

One of the views at Death Valley National Park, January 2016

Hello there! It's 3:42 in the morning and I can't sleep. I just arrived at Iowa City around this time yesterday and I slept for the whole day and now I have no idea on what to do so I guess I should write something. Let's continue with my last winter break journey cuz it didn't just end at Yosemite.

So, leaving California we went straight to Nevada. We were so lucky to have this aunt from Malaysia, Aunty JV who was kind enough to let us stay in her place for few days! She was so kind to let us sleep in her daughter's room and provide us food during our stay. Yeah speaking of her, she gained some attention from Malaysians a few weeks ago when she was out on TV programmes such as Rumpun Melayu Global (TV1) and Nona (TV3). She was also invited by radio stations to do some interview. You can check her facebook page, Joyah Vegas, to know more about her.

Let's get back to the trip now. So the first place we went to in Nevada was Hoover Dam, the largest dam in Nevada that supply water to the whole state and most importantly to Las Vegas. Yup the dam was so so so so big oh I forgot to mention that this dam was actually featured in the Transformers movie (but I don't know which scene it was since I don't watch Transformers hu hu hu)

Hoover Dam is actually is on the border between Arizona-Nevada

View from the observatory point

We just wandered around there since there's nothing much to do but a very unexpected event occurred which was my freaking period cramp and pain (it was very severe) so I had no choice but to bail out and just return to aunty JV's place while friends went to the Valley of Fire and Las Vegas (it was New Year's midnight tho)! So the next day I was feeling a lot better and we proceed our journey to the Death Valley National Park. Yay one more national park for me! I love love love national park I wish I could cover all the national parks in the US before going back to Malaysia for good.

I fell in love with this view for an unknown reason

It seems very hot but trust me you will need your light winter wear here! (it was in January)

I don't know what I was doing there.....

This one is a huge field of salt!! Yep, the white things are all salt~

We stayed there until the night came 

This picture was taken around 7 pm and we actually saw a wild animal (which I forgot what it was but I think it looked like a fox?)

A failed attempt to take a picture of stars sighhhh

That was pretty much our day at Death Valley :) The next day, we just stayed home packing our stuff at aunty JV's place because we are leaving for Arizona. Before leaving Nevada, we went to Las Vegas!!! The city of sins hahaha. So many people giving out pamphlets for call girls and there were thousands of the same 'themed' pamphlets on the floor along Vegas too. And don't forget the casino, they are all high-class casinos with rich people (look like) inside gambling for more money. One thing I like about Vegas is the people there are all well-dressed, neat, and smelled like perfume! I had an enjoyable moment walking on Vegas (sambil usha mat saleh hensem opssss)

One of the famous signs in Vegas

The Palazzo Suite, so classy I like

Vegas' Ferris wheel

Fountains of Bellagio, so pretty and eye-amusing!!

Little Paris (sila pronounce macam French ye)

So that was it. Vegas was some sort of fun kalau tolak all the judi and prostitutions but yeahhh what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.......

Until next time,
Syazana xoxo

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