Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What Is Art?

Artwork by Alyssa Mees (one of my fav artists)

Hi again! I am not feeling so good right now and I thought writing could help me lighten up my mood a little bit so here I am. Not sure what kind of topic is good to go with, I will just write about arts and my favorite artists. I love arts...and I love making arts as well even though I am not so much of a talented yet an artsy person. My artworks are way below average to be called as good works but I have this kind of passion for art, like whatevs, I'm just gonna draw and paint and draw and paint and draw and paint regardless of the outcomes. I don't' know about everyone else, but when I draw or paint I feel a spark of satisfaction (and frustrations too, at times). 

Growing up with the internet & unlimited resources of arts all around the world, I can say that I often get influenced by others artworks. My favorite website is, where I can find amazing artists and get inspired by them. I remember when I was in highschool I used to be crazy over a bamboo tablet and bamboo pen (haha I still am tho) like I want them so so so so bad but I had not enough money to buy one so I just went to deviantart and checked out some of the fab artworks which were made using bamboo pen and tablet and told my dear self it's okay syazana you will get one soon (but i still don't which is sad but it's okay i will kumpul more money okay) and then I just went back to papers and pencil, drawing something in my bedroom's corner (i used to like drawing a fantasy comic character la kononnya and imagined myself being one of the characters) 

and then, I went to college and thank god I had this chance to enroll in an art class, called 'Element of Arts'. I am beyond thankful to have experienced learning how to make arts ye la I didn't have like an actual art lesson before (oh maybe one if you count pendidikan seni) and I love love love love this class and the instructor actually suggested me to minor in art but I don't have enough time since I only have 2 more semesters and an art minor require 15sh of art classes so hmmmmm 

Ok actually I didn't see this coming, I have never realized I love art so much until I write this post but keep in mind that I am not that good in it, I just love it. Y'all know what I mean? It's like a hobby! Yes, a hobby! For example, one can love watching football but can't play football at all or one can actually love playing football and be a kaki bangku at the same time, kan?

p/s: lupa pulak I was supposed to list out my favorite artists hu hu hu lain kali eh
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