Thursday, August 4, 2016

Winter 2016: Washington and Oregon, USA

Cannon Beach, Oregon

It took me so long to write this post (and I'm still floundering whether to write this post or not hahaha hashtag immabusyladyokay) and finally I have time to recall and write about my winter break trip hehe. Okay so last January, which was during winter break (omg I miss winter), I went to East Coast (well, again)! Sumpah even though pergi kali kedua, it was very fun! Trip kali ni macam back-to-nature trip la kononnya sebab pergi ke tempat yang sangat cantik dengan kecantikan/keindahan alamnya(?). So we flew to Washington from Iowa City and I swear Washington is my favorite city in the US!

For the first day, delayed flight! So, from Iowa, we had to transit at San Franciso (SFO) airport since we didn't buy direct flight tickets and our flight from Iowa got delayed because of a freaking coffee machine?! So we missed our connecting flight to Seattle and the lady at the SFO ticket booth told us that we were scheduled for the next day flight BUT we they won't provide us any hotels since the delayed flight was due to weather? Wait, are you kidding me? It was the coffee machine gurl! However, thanks to a kind-hearted man who helped us to go to the different counter and we turned out getting two hotel rooms and $20 meals coupon for free.

And the next day, we finally boarded to Seattle ho ho ho and as I told you before, I loveeeeee Washington (Seattle is a city in Washington) so so so so much. Oh, and Oregon too!

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

For our first day, we went to the beautiful Snoqualmie Falls. There was no entrance fee so yeah. We got to enjoy the nature while relaxing our mind and taking few photos and walking and hiking and sightseeing and so on.... To be frank, this was the first waterfall in the US that I've been to and trust me that since then, I became a waterfalls lover *play beethoven's symphony no. 9*. Below is the picture of Snoqualmie stream. 

Trail that leads to the stream

An excited human being who finally discovered the beauty of jungles

Another shot of the same human being, oh that's me.

The view of Snoqualmie Falls from the stream

The trail to the stream was really a fun trail and it was not very tiring since it was paved (haha tak berapa nak nature sangatlah bila dah paved kan). I think it was around 2km? Or I might exaggerate a bit because to me, I feel like it was a long walk tho but the long walk was definitely worth it and I could not stop to be amazed of God's creations that I stumbled into along the way. Subhanallah.

Then we went back to Seattle before we drove to Oregon, my another fav state! We did not spend much of time at Seattle downtown since all the stores were closed (it was Christmas tho). As you can see above, there is barely a glimpse of humans can be seen at the Farmers Market. Since this is my second time visiting Seattle (read my 1st trip to Seattle here), I don't mind much but it would have been better if we could spend more time there but so sad kedai semua tutup. 

Multnomah Falls, Oregon! Here to another waterfall!

A drive from Washington to Oregon took us roughly 2 hours +/- and Oregon forests are pretty much similar to Washington's but they give like different vibes gituuu heheh

Multnomah Falls, zoomed in (terbelit lidah melayu saya nak sebut nama dia)

Multnomah Falls, zoomed out (or to be more precise, the lower part of the falls)

Other than Multnomah Falls, we also went to another waterfalls but I don't quite remember of their names so let's move to another parts of Oregon!

We then went to Cannon Beach! A very mystical beach, I would say. I don't know if it is just me but I was amazed to the fact that we had to drive through mountanious roads and the views along the road are super duper magneficent like literally magnificent I hope I will never forget those views!!!

This is how it looked like but 'thanks' to my crappy photography skills I could not capture a better picture the car was moving and there were a lot of snow and I was too amazed to even take a good and stable picture, I am very sorry. BUT, I have the videoand still thinking whether to share it on youtoube or nah. 

See, it looks very mysterious right right right? 

Other than waterfalls, I also love beaches, well who doesn't? 

We took few minutes to eat (in the car) bekal that we prepared earlier in the morning. Yes, to travel is to manage your budgets well, at least for me. Since we already spent a lot on transportations (i.e flight tickets, car rental, gas),  we have to limit our budget on food. Yes, it's true that it is a waste if you go to places that you've never been to and did not try their local food, you definitely SHOULD try their food BUT not all the time while traveling. Travel jimat lah katakan, maklumlah student. But if you don't have limited budget, then it's up to you to eat whatever you want (pastikan halal kalau anda muslim). 

So after that we just went back to our hotel (or motel i guess) and called it a day since we had a long journey to California that waited for us in the next day.

Until next post.....

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