Sunday, August 7, 2016

Yosemite FTW!

We left early in the morning to catch a bus to Yosemite National Park, California. If you love to hike, Yosemite is definitely one place you don't want to miss. If you are not so into hiking, you're in no place to miss a visit to Yosemite too. I've never been to other parks in the US but according to the internet and reviews, Yosemite is the most vividly unique park in the US. Yup, I concur 111% with that statement. Every year there are millions of people visiting Yosemite, and the highest is during Summer. So, if you want to enjoy the unfolding nature just by yourself with no overcrowded tourists, you should visit Yosemite during winter, just like I did hehehe BUT you have to keep in mind that every good thing comes with a price so...

Ok, the first thing that you have to bear with during winter is closed roads. Due to heavy snows and few other circumstances that I don't quite aware of, the park closed few roads hence we had some difficulties in direction and stuff. Not just roads, we also had to buy tire chains for our car and a chain costs roughly around $30-$40. So we decided to just go with the bus since we think it was the safest and wisest choice ever and yes it was! but again we had limited time in the park for we had to stick to the bus schedule.

Another thing that we had to tolerate with was the coldness but nah it was very worthwhile for an adventure and the magnificent views

Above is the picture of one of the waterfalls in Yosemite Park, we could actually hike up to the top of the hill but well, no hiking experiences, no equipment, no training, not wearing proper outer wears, and few other excuses that restrained us to do so

Ain and Laila

This kind of 'hiking' (read: walking) route is what we favored of - an easy route but the views are tip top

Forever an awkward poser sighhh

Tell me how could anyone not love this view?

As you can see in the above picture, there were very few cars in the park (which was nice because we could walk freely as we want) 

A cute chapel I would say

Not so much tourist which i loike hehe

We pretty much just walked around the parks and had few photo sessions (which is a must). Oh not to forget, we had our lunch while sitting on a bench that was covered with snow, just imagine how 'pleasurable' the lunch was! but who am I to complain while there are other people who are having it harder? We also solat on the snow yes on the snow with just a piece of cloth as our sejadah & people were looking at us and they probably were so confused like 'what in the world are they doing bruh?'. It was my first time using snow for wudu' as well and so glad I had the chance to experience it. 

Well, as I mentioned above, our choice to just go with bus instead of car was a wise choice because on our way back from the park there were few cars stuck in snow and they had to wait for hours to move out the cars?!!!

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